Acupuncture reduces fevers for patients with the common cold. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine researchers conducted a controlled clinical trial and determined that acupuncture reduces fevers and initiates a process wherein the normal body temperature is restored. The results were specific to a singular acupuncture point that was tested for efficacy.

The research quantified the antipyretic actions of acupoint Dazhui (GV14). The onset of initial effective action and full relief to normal body temperature times were measured. The results were compared with a control group receiving a medication with antipyretic actions.

Dazhui (GV14) outperformed the antipyretic drug for relieving fevers in patients with the common cold. The drug control group received Antondine. The treatment group received electroacupuncture at Dazhui (GV14). The researchers note, “One electrode was attached to the needle handle, and the other was hand-held by patients as a reference electrode.”

The researchers (Xiao et al.) note that the acupuncture treatment group outperformed the drug control group. Acupuncture was more successful in fever reduction. The researchers conclude that “acupuncture at Dazhui has a definite therapeutic effect on high fever due to the common cold.” [1]

1. Xiao L, Jiang GL, Zhao JG, Wang LX, Xing J, Li JJ, Yang ZX. Clinical observation on effects of acupuncture at Dazhui (GV 14) for abating fever of common cold [J]. Chinese acupuncture & moxibustion, 2007; 27: 169-72.